Saturday, April 9, 2011

Visiting Bulata Beach

Scenic Sunday We were out of town few days ago, 4-hour drive from our city, Bacolod. Hubby was able to visit this beautiful place with other friends since I'm preggy and can't travel in that area near the beach. How I wish to go with them but I can't because did not want me to travel that far. So I stayed with some friends and attended a meeting. This is my Scenic Sunday for this week. By the way, this is known as Bulata Beach Resort.


Gypsi said...

Very lovely photos! An empty beach is always so peaceful.

My Scenic Sunday is here:

Jessica said...

how pretty, especially the heart in the sand. :) If you have time check out my blog at . I am trying to boost my number of followers. Thanks!

Kai Rui said...

Im from south of Negros and been to Hinobaan already but haven't been to Bulata, we just passed by the resort..hoping to visit there one time..visiting from Scenic Sunday..Im your newest follower, hope you'll follow me back

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