Sunday, May 10, 2009

Scenic Sunday # 5

Scenic Sunday

This is the Lantern Festival in Thailand. It started in November and ends in Feb the next year! A lot of foreigners are coming to this place and visit this festival. It has many creative designs like different kinds of animals, a big aquarium with different pieces of fish and a lot more! You will really enjoy visiting this place.
You can visit more views with Scenic Sunday.


kazu said...

Lantern Festibal is so beautiful.
Great photos!
Thanks for visiting my blog.

Linnea said...

How fun is that! It really lasts a long time, too. I'm sure a lot of effort goes into organizing it. Looks like the little one is enjoying posing for the camera! Enjoy the day.

adelfa said...

wow,aj is already a big boy,looking forward until we meet again.