Friday, February 27, 2009

A New Start for Mommy Moments

mommy moments Today, I joined Mommy Moments. I'm glad I'm a mom too. Because I believe children are gifts from the Lord and they need special attention. I'm happy to have growing kids now. I have 13 and 6. All were great boys and becoming men in the future. I had been through feeding time, singing songs and lullabies, and sometimes though I sang their lullabies recalling the past ; when they were still babies ( I could still remember because I was the one composing it) but my teenager would stop me because he would feel awkward now. He has his own world. Life is just like that, he's growing now, I missed the time that I can hug, kissed in any parts of his body with a lot of touch. But now it's different, I can't even touch him because he would tell me, he's not a baby anymore. Lantern Festival moments We were having a great evening However, my 6-year old, for me, is still a baby. He would hug, kiss and would tell me a lot of sweet words. Sorry, but he's so cute, chubby-chubby boy. Mommy moments of course, will always be there, going out together as a family. We should always be thankful to all the "mothers," especially for our mothers who had been with us through thick and thin. Through trials and difficulties, hardships and triumphs, our mothers will always be there to comfort, to guide and even to bless us. Thanks Mommy Moments for this site. I like it! God bless.


Anonymous said...

try ko lang to kasi sabi ng friend ko she can't write a comment

Chris said...

hey welcome to mommy moments! thanks for joining and sharing your pics.. im looking forward to seeing you every week! :)