Monday, December 4, 2017

The Relaxing Mountain Resort - Mambucal

How could you find a way to relax when life now demands for hardwork? How could you find time to enjoy when you often skip your meal and shorten your sleep session? Sometimes, you neglect the importance of loosening all the stress due to fast pace advancement of life, do you agree? So now, allow me to take you on a place you can visit where you will be stunned because of its beautiful and relaxing setting. A spot that will closely connect you to the nature. Prepare yourself as we go unravel one of the richest resorts in the City, and be ready as we pave way for the captivating beauty of Mambukal Resort.

Mambukal is situated at Brgy. Minoyan, Murcia, Negros Occidental. It is a one-ride travel from Bacolod City. The resort's sulfur spring can serve as a medicinal balm to your weary flesh, how awesome is that! Not just that, because Mambukal is blessed with an exceptionally beautiful features such as its forests having tropical and semi-tropical trees added with a variety of pines ferns, and orchids that are suited on its cool climate and rich soil known as Mambukal Clay. If you wish to have an intimate encounter with nature, you can upthrust the hanging bridge and enjoy the view from the canopy of trees, or have an exhilarating ride in their zipline, or either sliding for life in the resort's boating lagoon.

Your Mambukal get away would not be complete without going on a trek to the famous Seven Waterfalls! Taking steps to reach the 7th is a way of rejuvenating your spirit as you come to encounter a fine touch with Mother Earth. Each step will provide you breathtaking view with the abundant species of butterflies and an impressive look of fruit bats that abound the area.

Since Mambukal resort is one with the environment, it is celebrating the Mudpack Festival in which it pertains to the affinity between man and nature. During festival, artists gather to showcase their talent on ethnic dances, music, craft, and other activities. The highlight of the event is the pageant for Ms. Earth Mambukal.

In connection to the accommodation, Mambukal too is an ideal place for overnight sessions, seminars, workshops, and conferences. There are number of facilities that will probably suit you and your needs - family cottages, villas, standard rooms, dormitories, and conference halls that can handle large number of participants. In addition to that, picnic huts and canopies are perfectly situated near two swimming pools.

Everyday is not a day of comfort. Most of the time we busy ourselves facing work stuff, studies, and other businesses. No doubt that we have to release the burden, and be free with the happiness life can give. If you think visiting Mambukal Resort will need large amount of money, you are wrong! Thus, very affordable and pocket friendly.

Thursday, April 6, 2017

Summertime with Bantug Lake Ranch

Summertime is surely on its way! Certainly, most of you are craving to be dipping in a cold swimming pool, cooling your body down from all the stress of the school year or even exhaustion from work, watching as the sun sets while sitting on the white sand beach or being with Mother Nature’s creation and exploring what nature has to offer. Indeed, spending your summer vacation with nature is a memory to remember. Leaving all the burdens daily, travelling outdoors and tackling the adventure that awaits you which will later create an unforgettable piece in your mind. No budget for an escapade? Worry not! For we will discover a pocket-friendly journey towards a happy summer.

Located in the City of Smile, Bacolod City, three kilometers from Brgy. Granada and already in the boundary of Brgy. Alangilan, a place commendable of your precious time. An abode that sprouts with nature’s blessing. A place where adventure and fun dwells. Creates a scenery that will be everlastingly printed in your memory. Indeed, a worthy of every tick of your clock; Bantug Lake Ranch is the name and they take your pleasure earnestly!

COME AND BE AMAZED! Bantug Lake Ranch is really a meritorious place to visit. Considered as one of the best places to de-stress here in Bacolod City. For the reason that they prioritize the fun and enjoyment of every guest and they make sure that the experience that you had in their locale will be memorable. They fashioned some amenities with variations in order to satisfy the craving of each visitor, to the young and the grown-ups. The delight of roaming around the lagoon riding in a boat with a friend or two is undoubtedly a picture-perfect sight to be recollected. For 50 pesos, you can wander around the lagoon for 2 consecutive turns. Also, they have a swimming pool where you can mingle and relax with other folks and try to forget the loads that brought to you by work or school. For 120 pesos, you can enjoy swimming in the pool and dip your physique to unwind. The kids can enjoy the same feeling as adults for Bantug Lake Ranch has a kiddie pool too where young ones can play with other children. Bantug Lake Ranch will leave you awes-tucked. Why? Because they have horses! Yes! Horses! And these horses are undeniably rideable. You can have an experience of this adventure and circle their Horse Bullring for 15 minutes for just 150 pesos. Undeniably, this is an endeavor that you cannot experience in some other places. And another thing, the spacious shower room of the ranch is one of the best which is constantly cleaned by the people in charge of the place and you can freely purify yourself after a long and tiring ride with the horses and the strenuous drifting around the lagoon.

ACCOMMODATION … Once you are tired of having fun of all the ranch has to offer and you wanted to relax in a little while, there is a place where you can chill out and be one with nature. You can smell the fresh air that the trees radiate that you can never experience in the urban areas. Seeing the green leaves before you close your eyes will lull you into a deep slumber. The rustle of the wind that made the trees sway will amuse you like they are dancing in one symphony. The breeze that touches your skin is like the caress of Mother Earth. Renting a canopy will let you experience the relaxation under the shed of a tree together with nature for 500 to 1000 pesos including chairs and tables where you can put your things in order to maximize the relaxation it may give with your family. Why wait? Try the experience and you will never regret!

Sunday, April 2, 2017

The Touch of Creation - Pataan Mountain Resort

In this world that is filled with fast pace movement of technology and develop by new advancement of society in different aspects, for sure, everyone would love to have some time to relax in which nature is primarily involved. Everyone starves to inhale the scent of fresh air, watch a picture-perfect view, and a day to isolate oneself from the polluted and besmirched locale. In some ways, it was always been a goal to find a refuge wherein we could have all the chances to unlock the things that bother us, and have an intimate touch with God’s wonderful creation.

Once, I have encountered a peculiar spot. A place that is just a farther drive to Philippine National Oil Company (PNOC), and a little farther from Kipot Twin Falls, you are entering an exquisite destination. Feel the breeze of the air as the leaves are freely falling and hear the symphony of the rushing water. The place is filled with healthy-growing green trees, shrubs and various plants all over. Wanna know this place? Well, this is in Sitio Pataan, in its resort situated at Brgy. Mailum, Bago City. The said place is just along the road after you pass Buenos Aires and Kipot Twin Falls. It is said that a retired police bought the resort in the year 1998. Many people were interested in relevance to the resort’s expansion, yet the owner did not take any of them, instead, they depend on the family’s effort who gave contribution to the growth of the place from a humble bahay bakasyunan to a resort ready to accommodate travelers from other places. Now, with one of the Negros protuberant families, the mountain resort has been continuously functioning for more than 10 years. Great!


If you think you need a lot of cash? Scratch that! Need not to worry about your budget because 50 pesos is enough for your entrance fee, and it goes the same with the swimming pool fee. You can also avail an overnight cottage that can carry four to ten persons, for as low as Php. 1,200.00. Public Toilet and showers are also provided in the resort, and its commissary accepts cooking service with a fee. The resort also have their competent staff members and they are available anytime if you need their service. All you have to do is to relax and indulge your senses with the touch of nature. The place is indeed a perfect spot for a get-away. It’s quite refreshing as the green features fill your eyes with amazement, the breeze of the air, and the ambiance close to Mother Earth.


If you want to have some fun and experience in the mountain, you can reach Pataan Mountain Resort while it is not yet recognized by many. The resort’s owner rely on how satisfied the guests persuade their friends and other relatives to come and also visit the spot.

Everyone deserves of a one-of-a-kind way to rest and enjoy oneself, coupled with delving into new things and go through some fresh ideas. Why wait? Do it now, your doubts and uncertainties will be gone after reaching the place. Go and wonder! Be an explorer and let happiness continue to burn your exploration.

Thursday, March 30, 2017

An Exquisite Resort - Sta. Fe

After a long week of work and stressful days in school, I’m sure, a part of you wants to have a leisure time with the people nearest to your heart. Indeed, nobody would like to refuse for a time of decompression after a full-length of toiling. Exhausted about some stuffs? Bushed with outputs and deadly deadlines? Stress no more because right at this very moment, we will unveil a beautiful locale spotted here in Bacolod City. For about 7kms away from downtown place, you can freely reach an exquisite resort that is, for some tourists, an object of visitation. A place that spawns an indelible memories among family and friends, heaves to a more precious events, and even partakes in some work objectives coupled with recreational pleasure. Welcome to STA. FE RESORT!

HISTORY Sta. Fe Resort, also “A Heritage of Family Tradition”, was primarily a hacienda that was owned by Don Generoso Villanueva Sr., and for a reason, to lend his hacienda workers a way of relaxation pursuit, he began to unfold and expound the scenery of the place. And up to the present, Don Generoso’s work set the level of quality for the resort business in Bacolod. The good thing is the custom of giving the people prime services was actually passed to Don Generoso’s inheritors who chose to strengthen and liven his patrimony.

COME AND ENJOY! Sta. Fe Resort is proud for being identified as the family resort of choice here in Bacolod City. Why? Simply because their prime commitment is to make the experiences of their guests worthwhile and unforgettable. The resort has strategically schemed variety of amenities for kids, for them to have more fun and enjoyment. Let them relish the Elephant Pool with an elephant slide in which they can go swimming with other children. Also, the place holds its own playground and mini-zoo. In fact, Sta. Fe is the one and only resort in the city having these being offered to their visitors. And yes! Parents should not be wary about their kids wandering inside the mini-zoo for there are trained professionals that will escort the kids as they meet different animals and species. In addition to that, Sta. Fe is the merely the only resort having an Olympic-size pool. For sure, your time will really be worth it!

Enjoy Sta. Fe not just its pools, playground, and mini-zoo, but also its other facilities. Did you know that the resort also has installations that will help induce your level of excitement? You heard it right! Sta. Fe has a number of sports facilities that can be used during sports fest – sports like billiards, table tennis, dart, and courts open for volleyball and basketball. Teenagers who wish to experience playing sports in the resort can surely avail these, same as the resort’s open field that is suited for any sports Olympic the guests wanted to play.

But wait … there’s more! Sta. Fe also has their complete gun club facility that is the official shooting range of the Central Negros Shooters Association. Be amazed as you try and revel in the resort’s best offer that will lighten up your memories being made there.

ACCOMMODATION If you wish to stay and make an additional memorable page of your visit in the spot, their accommodations will eventually alleviate the comfort that you will need since Sta. Fe has a number of cottages around it. Different rooms can accommodate two persons, a family of five, or a dormitory type that is capable of accommodating 100 persons.

The following are the types of rooms that the guests can avail in Sta. Fe Resort:
1. OSO CABANA- has 4 cottages, and each cottage is good for 2 persons. Each cottage has air-con, hot and cold shower, and cable television. Oso Cabana also has 1 family cottage that can accommodate 6-8 persons, and it has air-con, hot and cold shower, and cable television as well.
2. OSCAR VILLA- has 6 cottages, and each cottage is good for 2 persons. Same with Oso Cabana, it has air-con, hot and cold shower, and cable television.
• 4 cottages good for 2 persons, each cottage is with air-con, hot and cold shower, and cable television.
3. MARIO CASITAS- has 4 rooms that are good for 4 persons. Each room has air-con, hot and cold shower, cable television, and refrigerator.
• 7 rooms good for 2 persons with air-con, hot and cold shower, cable television, and a refrigerator upon request.
4. CASA ALICIA- has 6 rooms that are good for 2 persons. Each room has air-con, hot and cold shower, and cable television.
• 2 rooms good for 8-10 persons, and each air-con, hot and cold shower, cable television, and refrigerator. Aside from these rooms, visitors can also use Sta. Fe Resort as a venue for events, whether big or small, such as meetings, conferences, seminars, and conventions, because there are Function Halls available in the resort. The users also have the chance to choose on what hall to use whether air-condition type of hall, or non-air-condition. Indeed, Sta. Fe offers innumerable fun and relaxation from its swimming pools, accommodations, and other facilities. Their prime commitment is mirrored on how they accompany their visitors and how they make their experiences worthwhile. Visit Sta. Fe, be an explorer and let experiences fuel up your exploration.