Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Tasty Food

Food is everywhere around the globe. It is likely found in any occasion, celebration, or festivities. Here in our city known as the "city of smiles" in Bacolod City, people enjoy different kinds of food. After roaming around the corner, either in SM, Gaisano City, Robinsons, Calea, or any hotels somehow, people will usually find place just to fill the hungry stomach and enjoy the taste of any meal we chose. Try to see the picture, it's attractive and we enjoy this kind of food, hubby and I loved to eat together.

Saturday, February 13, 2016

Punta Bulata Beaches

We went to Bulata resorts last December with our family. We missed this place because we grew up here and learned a lot. We visited the elementary school where we used to study and traveled to a nearby island in Sipalay City the next day. We slept in the beach resort that is owned by another friend and we stayed to our house the following day just to recall our childhood experiences. It was a week full of enjoyment seeing all the beaches we used to run and play when we're still kids.

During the first day, we roamed around and gave time for our children to see the beaches. The next day we had another adventure and full of surprises since we went inside a small cave and people from different countries were swimming in the area. We're amazed of the visitors from other places and countries who went there just to take pictures and swim in the beach that looked like Boracay island. Somehow, childhood days were reminisced by most of us us and we're excited to visit that place again. Punta Bulata is a place that visitors can relax and feel the gentle breeze.

TCP 2015

Good evening everyone! Take time to answer the following questions:
 Why do we need to read books or journals? Who will benefit  if you read any material? And how can you share it to your students in the near future?

Explain in 50 words in the comment provided with your family name and the initial of your name.  Thank you!