Saturday, September 26, 2009

Yummy Sunday

This is my Yummy Sunday post for this week. I love fruits of any kind except durian, hehehe! Fruits here in Thailand is quite cheap, so we enjoy buying some... You can see more Yummy Sunday posts with Boogie at Perfectly Blended. You will really enjoy.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Hatyai Airport

We visited this place a lot of times already this year. We had many friends who visited us here and they came either for a holiday or for a purpose. Either way, we are glad to be with them. Many tourists came to this place and connect to some places around Thailand. It will take 30-45 minutes for you to travel from the city. You can go by Songtiew ( which is the cheapest transpo), by car or by taxi from the city proper. It's not far I suppose, many tourists came and enjoyed the place.

Songkhla Beach

We visited this place last week. It is near Songkhla Beach, in the south of Thailand. It's cool place because it is near the beach and many people came here everyday. We saw some families eating and resting together with their babies and children. We also saw ladies with their boyfriends watching the sky while the sun is setting down. A lot of vendors are waiting for buyers to buy and eat their food and snacks. Our friends liked the place. However, we were unable to visit the golden mermaid which is the tourists attraction in the area because we're in a hurry to back home for our son to practice guitar with some friends.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Skywatch Friday

It's Skywatch Friday again. How really time flies... Another week again. This is Suan Siam Park in Bangkok, Thailand. This is the front view of the park. The back part is what amazes people. It has a lot of many interesting views and an enjoyable park for all ages especially the children. But we found out that old ones were also enjoying .... If you wanna join Sky Watch every Friday, try to click the link. It's fun seeing other places around the world.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Yummy Sunday - Thai Food

It's our first time to visit this place with a lot of food. Today, we went to a floating market, it is known as "Talat Nam" for Thai people. We never knew that there is a floating market near our place. It's good that a friend of my friend invited us to visit this place. We took a lot of pictures but this one I really enjoy. You can choose the best food for your taste. It's very spicy but tasty and delicious. Wanna try some? More Yummy Sunday photos with A Taste of My Life.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Watery Wednesday

This picture is taken in Bacolod City, Phil. when we went home last month. This place is known as Ruins. A lot of people visited this place and saw a lot of pretty things. More Watery Wednesday here.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Korean Kimchi

As what I had shared last time, I will be sharing a delicious food made in Thailand but prepared by a Korean. Last Sunday, after attending the service, we were invited to make the best food in Korea, it is known as Kimchi, We love to eat this kind of food ever since. So our friend decided to make 15 kilos and to be given to some friends and members of the church...Wow what a taste and a blessing for everyone. It was a tiring day for all of us because we need to prepare everything, 30 kilos are not a joke. We had 2 basins just to put the sauce, whewwww... but all of us also enjoyed and shared the fun. Thanks for our friends who prepared everything, especially all the ingredients. It's not a joke really but a blessing to us because everyone enjoyed! What a day! Maybe I will be sharing the ingredients next week. More Yummy Sunday post with Bogie at Perfectly Blended.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Yummy Sunday

This is a different kind of cake I suppose, it has different decorations yet quite simple. This is my Yummy Sunday post for this week. I will be posting a different Yummy food next week. We were the one who did it, and it's really yummy with people helping together to make it more delicious and palatable. Hmmm, I'm excited!!! More Yummy Sunday with Boogie at Perfectly Blended. Try to check and you can join too.

Friday, September 4, 2009

SKywatch Friday

This is on the way to the South of Negros in the Phil archipelago. We're on the way to Guimaras island passing Pulupandan. For more beautiful places around the world, visit Skywatch Friday and enjoy watching the views.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Watery Wednesday

It's another week for Watery Wednesday. Another view of God's amazing creation. All mankind are blessed by these creations. This is Guimaras Island in the Phil. This looks like Boracay Island, they said. But this one is still untouched and virgin. More posts as you click the link above. You will find more amazing views.

The Coolest, Driest and Calmest Place on Earth

As I was checking the news today at yahoo I was attracted and amused by this news. I can't help but share this to all of my blogging friends. The coolest, driest and calmest place on earth was found here. Try to read this news.
The search for the best observatory site in the world has lead to the discovery of what is thought to be the coldest, driest, calmest place on Earth - a place where no human is thought to have ever set foot.
To search for the perfect site to take pictures of the heavens, a U.S.-Australian research team combined data from satellites, ground stations and climate models in a study to assess the many factors that affect astronomy - cloud cover, temperature, sky-brightness, water vapor, wind speeds and atmospheric turbulence.
The researchers pinpointed a site, known simply as Ridge A, that is 13,297 feet (4,053 meters) high up on the Antarctic Plateau on the continent at the bottom of the world.
The study revealed that Ridge A has an average winter temperature of minus 94 degrees Fahrenheit (minus 70 degrees Celsius) and an extremely low amount of water in the air.
The site is also extremely calm, which means that there is very little of the atmospheric turbulence that elsewhere makes stars appear to twinkle.
"It's so calm that there's almost no wind or weather there at all," said study leader Will Saunders, of the Anglo-Australian Observatory in Australia.
All these elements combine to make the perfect recipe for an astronomical observation post: "The astronomical images taken at Ridge A should be at least three times sharper than at the best sites currently used by astronomers," Saunders said. "Because the sky there is so much darker and drier, it means that a modestly-sized telescope there would be as powerful as the largest telescopes anywhere else on earth."
The site would even be superior to the best existing observatories on high mountain tops in Hawaii and Chile, Saunders said. Researchers assert that a telescope at the site could take images nearly as good as those from the space-based Hubble telescope.
Located within the Australian Antarctic Territory, the site is 89 miles (144 km) from an international robotic observatory and the proposed new Chinese 'Kunlun' base at Dome A, a higher point on the Antarctic Plateau.
The finding was detailed on Aug. 31 in the Publications of the Astronomical Society.
What do you think? Will it amused you too? Because of the advanced technology, everything is possible these days. But there is still another thing that we can't do; things that are of God's. All of these things that the scientists discovered are all God's creation, all under HIS care and power! What an amazing earth we are living in.