Friday, January 30, 2009

Thailand Festivals

Festivals are everywhere. People are celebrating and enjoying life as well. Last night, we went to a Chinese Festival here in Hatyai. The locals call it "Suwansat." Yesterday was the last day of Chinese New Year here so they have 3-day affair. Last night was the last day and so many people came and watched the show. It was a combination of dance and something like "karate" and AJ liked the show most. I think all performers were Chinese. We're sitting at the back so we presume that all of them have the same faces. They were cute and they performed well. My hubby liked the way the ladies twirl their hips, he said, about 90 degrees, I just laughed! with a flat tummy, how I wish I had the same. I'm trying but I can't! lol...

Monday, January 26, 2009

Lantern Festival

It's a great experience to travel and see the creativity of each country. You can see different views as well as man-made designs. Last night we visited the Lantern Festival in Hatyai. Actually, it's our second visit, we went there last December. You will really amused looking at their designs. It's really great. I will share the pictures later. Our kids really enjoyed especially AJ, he loves to take a pose and ask his Papa to take pictures. Em-2m my teenager, is already quite shy in the camera, so he only got few poses. There is a big aquarium with a school of fish inside, seashells and the like; of course with different lights inside the lanterns. People of all ages are coming, I think everyday, just to take pictures and enjoy seeing all the lanterns with different designs and shapes. More and more are coming especially during night time. If you're here, you would really love it!

Friday, January 23, 2009

Our Journey

We could never imagine how we travelled that far from the Phil. to Bangkok going to Hatyai. When we first came to Hatyai, we don't know anybody except our internet friend. It was cool when we came. We felt we're in our own place because it was so quiet and cozy. The problem I had at first was that cars were passing on the left lane. It was different from our country. And because I felt dizzy, it puzzled me. We met new friends, we tasted a very different kind of food which is toooooooooo spicy for us. However, people were friendly and hospitable and will always do a "wai" as they greet each other. It's their way of saying "Hello". We learned to love the place, the people and the food too as days, months and years passed by. Now, we learned to adapt to it and we can't eat without chillis. Hhmmmm .....It's yummy and interesting...Wanna try some?

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Bangkok - First Time Trip

Travelling to different places is amusing at times. We've been to different places in the Phil. but it's first time for us to travel as a family outside of our country. It's quite interesting and a great experience especially for the kids. When we reached Bangkok we find it hard at first because the people have a hard time to speak English as their foreign language. We only saw and follow the signs. Anyway, it's quite interesting for us to see the place and the people. It's not so easy especially carrying our bags with our two-year old AJ but we were able to survive. And we found out that Thailand is one hour late in the Phil. We thought we're already late because we took the connecting flight to Hatyai. But when we reached the domestic airlines we're still on time and after 5 minutes we flew to Hatyai. Though people had a hard time to speak in English but they are friendly. They usually smile with a Wai saying "Sawasdee kha!" They are good people. That's when I learned to love Thailand.

Friday, January 16, 2009

Batangas City

Batangas is another place where my family travelled last year when we were in the Phil. It's also a nice place and quite far from the maddening crowd of Manila. It would take you more than 2 hours travel by bus. It is next to Lipa City. My best friend before is staying there with her family. I wanted to see her because it was already more than a decade that we were not able to meet nor connect with each other. It was a great time for us to meet again. She just gave us the details on how to go in their place. The travel was good though for me, it's quite uneasy because I have a hard time for long distance travel especially by bus. Yet, we were able to see the place, it amazed us seeing a different place. While travelling we saw the wonders of creation especially when we were on top of the mountains and seeing underneath the valley and the big river and other amazing things below. God is really great in doing the wonders of the earth. It's awesome! That is why our God is an awesome God! When we reached Batangas, we saw their delicacies, and other natural products. In Batangas you could also find the smallest knife, the people themselves are making to earn a living. It's a quiet place and the way of life is simple, it's quite different from Manila. Hope I could find some pictures...

Manila - our second Home

Everytime we went to Manila, our friend who is a doctor, will drive for us. They love workers working for the Lord so, it's easy for them to cater us. We've been to Mall of Asia, they call it MOA. A beautiful place where children can enjoy the interesting and amazing fireworks. They also brought us to the big Acquiarium in Manila, it's really huge where you could find different and great schools of fish with magnificent designs and the place is so cozy, it goes back to the creativity of the worker. It's nice to be in different places and see the beauty of the place. You could imagine how great and awesome our God is in creating the earth, the place we're living. We always treasure the time when we are in a new place because we could see the beauty of nature God had created.

Friday, January 9, 2009


Manila is the capital city of the Philippines. It is where you could find a lot of cheaper things and expensive ones too. Many people are coming to this place to find a greener pasture. Some are looking for jobs in factories, or big companies. A lot of opportunities await those who wanted to work. Others who came from the mountain regions are also coming and find a work as helpers or housemaids. We are blessed with friends everytime we came here. They would bring us to different beauty spots or even tourist spots and allow us to see the place and enjoy. They would also bring us to some scenic spots for our kids to enjoy. We had been to different places because of them. There was a time that they brought us to Manila Zoo for the benefit of our kids but they were all laughing when they knew that it's first time for us to see the place too. And we're excited to go, more excited than the kids, lol. More stories about our visit to Manila next time.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Genting Highlands

Just having a pose and eating something... This is one of the hotels We're going up the mountain all the way to Genting Highlands I love this place, so I will be putting a lot of posts to make me remember and share to those who wanted to visit the place. This is located in the mountain ranges. It's quite cold and cool. We have visited some places around this area. There were shocking places and some cool places too. Beautiful hotels with cozy rooms and tall buildings. That was fun especially for the kids.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Malaysia - Unforgettable Experience

When a family travels it needs a lot of things to consider. That's what we did before, more than 3 years ago. It also needs courage and strength come what may. And by God's grace we were able to survive. As a family, we were blessed with friends who care. Sometime in 2007, we were able to have a short vacation in one of the known places in Malaysia. Somewhere in Genting Highlands. That was a fantastic place we had visited. A beautiful place we could never forget. Thank God for that amazing experience we have had. We just thought we're in a different world during that time. We had enjoyed recreation, different rides, and many others for fun and fellowship as well. We had also watched their amazing shows! Fantastic! That was fun but you will be scared. That was an unforgettable experience we had in 2007!

Friday, January 2, 2009

Mambukal Resort

A very cool place of Mambucal. Our city, Bacolod, has a neighboring fountains, springs, volcanoes, and a lot more. When you want to go to the mountain to relax, there is a Mambukal Resort at the foot of the mountain which is 30-45 minutes away from the city. You could find a hot spring there, and if you want to go up to the seventh falls, you could also enjoy the scenery and the fresh air. There are cottages available for choices-- either for cheaper or expensive ones. You could also go around the place and see the beauty of creation. It's so amazing how it formed and people loved to visit this place. Tourists loved to visit this place for relaxation and feel the coldness of the resort. It's so cold especially the falls and the swimming pools. Come and visit our place, you will love it!